Litho printing involves using a stone or metal plate and a completely smooth surface to transfer the images or words across. We are the leading litho printers in Newton Abbot, which is a very different service to Digital printing, as Digital printing reproduces the images on the surface for example leaflets, cloth and plastic, Litho printing etches the content onto the preferred material.

What is Lithography?

Lithography was invented in 1796 by a German Author and Actor to produce cheap theatrical works in wax. In the present day Lithography, the artwork is made of polymer coating which is applied to a flexible metal plate, usually aluminium. To produce an item Lithographically, the surface of the flat stone plate is made rough and etched slightly and then divided up into hydrophilic areas that accept a film of water, and therefore will repel the greasy ink. The hydrophobic areas will repel the water and accept the ink because the surface tension is far greater on the greasy image region, which remains dry, and that is the process of litho printing.

Benefits of Litho Printing

The advantage of having Litho printing is that the soft rubber surface of the blanket makes a clear impression on a vast variety of textual surfaces and material. Litho printing is characterised by its unwrinkled print appearance, as well as by the lack of any ring of ink, or serrated edges that are characteristic when it comes to a letterpress or gravure printing.

You can see more benefits of litho printing here.

Here at Wotton Printers in Newton Abbot we know choosing us as your litho printer is cost effective as the more you buy the cheaper it becomes. This is why it is a great tool for anything that needs to be mass produced.

If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch or head over to our FAQ page to see the answered to some frequently asked litho related questions.

Some of the items that can be printed through our Litho Printers here at Wotton Printers:




Business Cards



Wotton Printers extend our Litho Printing Services to the people of Torquay, Exeter, Plymouth, and Paignton, and businesses operating within these areas.